Christmas is a Ho, Ho, Hoax! (A merry myth is born)

I have sacrificed my adult life in pursuit of the truth when it comes to Jesus, the Bible and Christianity. I spent fifteen years deeply immersed in evangelical culture earning a Bachelor (Moody Bible Institute, Chicago) and Master’s (Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas) degree in theology from two reputable evangelical institutions. Upon graduation from seminary, however, myContinue reading “Christmas is a Ho, Ho, Hoax! (A merry myth is born)”

Evangelicalism in a word is — irrational!

I defy anyone, anywhere to find a single word that encapsulates evangelical or conservative Christians better than irrationalism. There isn’t one! Furthermore, I challenge anyone who disagrees to rationally defend themselves. They can’t. I say this to both my chagrin and my pride: I have invested tens of thousands of hours in researching Jesus, theContinue reading “Evangelicalism in a word is — irrational!”