The Jesus Puzzle (“Who do people say I am?”)

The question asked by Jesus to his disciples two thousand years ago is no different now. His true identity has continued to capture the interest of many for two millennia. Ironically, the majority of those who think they have the answer to this question, do not. Christians are the most deluded of all in understandingContinue reading “The Jesus Puzzle (“Who do people say I am?”)”

“Knowledge distancing”

We are all tired of hearing about “social distancing.” It is essential to separate from others to slow the spread of the pandemic. Evangelicals practice another form of separation called, “Knowledge distancing.” Knowledge distancing is when groups like evangelicals deliberately “distance” themselves from information in order to prevent it from harming their faith. Science andContinue reading ““Knowledge distancing””

Evangelicalism: A baseless faith, but who cares?

We all should even if evangelicals do not! If evangelicals are brutally honest with themselves, they follow a baseless faith. Subtract experientialism, which is unreliable as the sole source of truth, and hope of heaven and you are left with a Bible riddled with errors, contradictions, incongruences, inconsistencies, implausibilities and textual problems. Anybody who disagreesContinue reading “Evangelicalism: A baseless faith, but who cares?”

My conversations with Jesus (Part 6: The God of science)

Me: Hello again and thanks for joining me for another conversation about the religion you unintentionally started. Jesus: I have nothing to hide. I think divulging what I know and don’t know will be helpful to many. I also recognize the dangers of a false religion. Me: That’s interesting, why is it dangerous? Jesus: BecauseContinue reading “My conversations with Jesus (Part 6: The God of science)”

Unlearning Jesus & the Bible (for the sake of our future)

Must read if you believe the Bible is the word of God or Jesus is the savior of mankind If you think you know the Bible and Jesus, you almost certainly don’t! When it comes to Americans knowing who Jesus and the Bible are, they are either grossly uninformed or greatly misinformed. Here’s a simpleContinue reading “Unlearning Jesus & the Bible (for the sake of our future)”

The irrationalism of biblical creationism (Reason versus the ridiculous)

I just finished watching, Bill Nye debates Ken Ham Youtube video. Yes, I was late to the party but for good reason. For those who have taken the time to watch the video, I commend you. For those who have not, I encourage you to do so. Why? Because it is a painful wake upContinue reading “The irrationalism of biblical creationism (Reason versus the ridiculous)”

My conversations with Jesus (Part 5: The irrational evangelical)

Me: Hello, once again Jesus, today’s conversation will be a little different. Jesus: How so? Me: I probably should have mentioned this earlier but I think the subject today dictates full disclosure. I used to be a devoted follower, an evangelical Christian. Jesus: Our conversations make more sense now, although I must admit I suspectedContinue reading “My conversations with Jesus (Part 5: The irrational evangelical)”

My conversations with Jesus (Part 4: Paul’s “other” gospel)

Me: I hope you are enjoying these chats as much as I am. I am gaining a lot of clarity on many matters, so thanks. Jesus: They have definitely contained some startling revelations. Me: Care to elaborate? Jesus: Hard to know where to begin. I think the most shocking is how belief in my resurrectionContinue reading “My conversations with Jesus (Part 4: Paul’s “other” gospel)”

My conversations with Jesus (Part 3: How a man became God)

Note to Reader: These dialogues are no more or less fictitious than those of any Christian who claims to have “actual” conversations with God or Jesus. I would claim I am more qualified than most to speak on Jesus’ behalf given the decades of painstaking research I have committed to this topic. Me: First, IContinue reading “My conversations with Jesus (Part 3: How a man became God)”