My conversations with Jesus (Part 5: The irrational evangelical)

Me: Hello, once again Jesus, today’s conversation will be a little different. Jesus: How so? Me: I probably should have mentioned this earlier but I think the subject today dictates full disclosure. I used to be a devoted follower, an evangelical Christian. Jesus: Our conversations make more sense now, although I must admit I suspectedContinue reading “My conversations with Jesus (Part 5: The irrational evangelical)”

My conversations with Jesus (Part 4: Paul’s “other” gospel)

Me: I hope you are enjoying these chats as much as I am. I am gaining a lot of clarity on many matters, so thanks. Jesus: They have definitely contained some startling revelations. Me: Care to elaborate? Jesus: Hard to know where to begin. I think the most shocking is how belief in my resurrectionContinue reading “My conversations with Jesus (Part 4: Paul’s “other” gospel)”

Evangelicalism: A baseless faith, but who cares? (We all should)

Evangelicalism is a faith firmly planted on the shifting sands of experientialism and fear. If evangelicals are brutally honest with themselves, they follow a baseless faith. Subtract experientialism, which is unreliable as the sole source of truth, and hope of heaven and you are left with a Bible riddled with errors, contradictions, incongruences, inconsistencies, implausibilitiesContinue reading “Evangelicalism: A baseless faith, but who cares? (We all should)”

Evangelicals: What happens when good people fall prey to bad ideas

It’s open season on evangelicals! Most evangelicals would agree with this statement though not necessarily resent it. It is a righteous badge of honor. Believing they have become targets of religious persecution validates their own sense of moral rectitude. 10″Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”(Matthew 5:10)Continue reading “Evangelicals: What happens when good people fall prey to bad ideas”

Evangelicalism: An irrational faith

I used to think I was a rational evangelical. My professors presented Christianity as consistent with science and logic. It was the unbelieving world who were unwilling to accept the facts because of their sin nature. Mans’ intellectual capacity was tainted by sin which made it impossible to acknowledge the truth. For years I subscribedContinue reading “Evangelicalism: An irrational faith”

The “fast-food” gospel of American evangelicalism

It may surprise some to know, the style of “the gospel” promoted (advertised) by evangelicals is unhistorical and unbiblical. Repentance and baptism have been stripped away to streamline the gospel. Instead men like the late Billy Graham and other evangelists offer an instant, cheap, no strings attached salvation with a lifetime guarantee. What could beContinue reading “The “fast-food” gospel of American evangelicalism”

Evangelicals Five Salvation Myths: Salvation is GUARANTEED (pt. 3of5)

21“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 7:21) In the third of five articles discussing the, “Five Salvation Myths of Evangelicalism,” we will explore the myth: Salvation is guaranteed. In the previousContinue reading “Evangelicals Five Salvation Myths: Salvation is GUARANTEED (pt. 3of5)”

Evangelicals Five Salvation Myths: Salvation is FREE (pt. 1of5)

If heaven is real and Jesus is the way, wouldn’t you want to make sure you know how to get there!? Note to Reader: As a former evangelical, I undertake this exercise purely as an hypothetical. The reason being, if evangelicals are going to make the unwarranted claims about the Bible they do, I willContinue reading “Evangelicals Five Salvation Myths: Salvation is FREE (pt. 1of5)”

Evangelicals need to return to “Catechesis”

Catechesis: “Religious or biblical instruction provided to a prospective convert to prepare him or her for salvation (baptism).” American evangelicalism is steeped in complacency and hypocrisy because they have cheapened salvation. It’s a “come one, come all” approach offering instant, free and no commitment religion plus a guaranteed ticket to heaven when you die. WhatContinue reading “Evangelicals need to return to “Catechesis””

What do #Trump and the #Bible have in common?

Both are potentially dangerous if not fettered by reason and common sense. And, evangelicals follow each with blind loyalty. The single greatest deficiency with evangelicalism is its complete lack of objective scrutiny when it comes to the Bible. The Bible is a book riddled with contradictions, incongruences and implausibilities which are obvious to the criticalContinue reading “What do #Trump and the #Bible have in common?”