Democrats’ Faustian Bargain: A conservative justice on the Supreme Court for Joe Biden?

Why wouldn’t Trump, in classic Trumpian fashion, hold off his appointee until after the election so he can leverage it to force voter turnout or risk losing the seat on the Supreme Court to a liberal justice?  If I was a Republican who had soured on Trump and was considering not voting or voting forContinue reading “Democrats’ Faustian Bargain: A conservative justice on the Supreme Court for Joe Biden?”

The fashionability of skepticism in a Trumpian world

Donald Trump has made skepticism fashionable, but in a bad way. Skepticism is good when used to sharpen truth by ridding it of falsehoods but when it is used to conveniently dismiss facts, it is a dangerous weapon. Donald Trump has recruited perhaps the countries best skeptics — evangelicals. Sadly, their skepticism has been misguided.Continue reading “The fashionability of skepticism in a Trumpian world”

Rationalizing versus emotionalizing, or when feelings “Trump” facts

Nobody wants to be accused of relying on emotions over intellect . Nor do people want to be thought of as those governed by feelings more than facts, but this is the heart of evangelical belief. The majority of President Trump supporters are white evangelicals as statistics continue to show. The world has puzzled overContinue reading “Rationalizing versus emotionalizing, or when feelings “Trump” facts”

What do #Trump and the #Bible have in common?

Both are potentially dangerous if not fettered by reason and common sense. And, evangelicals follow each with blind loyalty. The single greatest deficiency with evangelicalism is its complete lack of objective scrutiny when it comes to the Bible. The Bible is a book riddled with contradictions, incongruences and implausibilities which are obvious to the criticalContinue reading “What do #Trump and the #Bible have in common?”

Evangelicals: THIS IS the hill to die on!

Reclaim the moral high ground you surrendered when you supported Donald Trump for President and sit out this election or vote Democrat. The world will thank you and may even respect you again. FINALLY, THE HILL TO DIE ON FOR EVANGELICALS Evangelicals have been given an incredible opportunity to reverse four years of a FaustianContinue reading “Evangelicals: THIS IS the hill to die on!”

The “other” Jesus: A tale of two Jesuses

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46) Hanging on the cross naked and confused Jesus uttered perhaps his most honest and revealing words. Quoting from Psalm 22:1, Jesus came to the stark realization his Messianic dreams would die with him on the cross. Up to this point, the events of theContinue reading “The “other” Jesus: A tale of two Jesuses”

Trump: A Puppet in the Whitehouse

I read an article a few weeks ago chiding evangelicals for being conned by Trump for his political advancement. This is half right, but Evangelicals are doing their own manipulating when it comes to the President, and they are no slouches when it comes to using Trump to advance their own religio-political agenda! If IContinue reading “Trump: A Puppet in the Whitehouse”

Losing the battle but winning the (holy) war

Evangelicals think they have no choice but to vote for Trump even those who despise his moral bankruptcy. Some see not voting as a vote cast for a Democratic president who is sure to win without evangelical support. Here’s another option they may have never considered: Vote for the democrat as a deliberate act ofContinue reading “Losing the battle but winning the (holy) war”