The irrational basis of Christian faith: The Resurrection (Part2of3)

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is founded on the mystical encounters of his closest followers. The only facts surrounding it was an empty tomb and missing body, everything else is conjecture. In part one of, “The irrational basis of Christian faith” I argued it was primarily based on emotionalism and experientialism. While thereContinue reading “The irrational basis of Christian faith: The Resurrection (Part2of3)”

The #resurrectionofreason

Happy #Easter to all! I do not believe for a second Jesus rose from the dead, but I still love the tradition of Easter. Were it not for social distancing, I would be in church at this very moment on Easter Sunday. I have researched, reflected and written extensively on the resurrection of Jesus asContinue reading “The #resurrectionofreason”

The true message of Easter: Jesus is dead!

Without a body or a witness, there is no crime! I’m not saying Jesus is a criminal, although according to Roman law he was. He is not on trial. I would like us to consider the story of Jesus’ resurrection as a court case. The defendant is the claim it happened as described in theContinue reading “The true message of Easter: Jesus is dead!”

The Resurrection Story: The Case of the Missing Body (Part 7 of 7: The Resurrection)

”Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.”(John 11:25) These words recorded in John’s gospel are alleged to have been spoken by Jesus just prior to raising Lazarus from the dead. If true, Jesus could not have provided a betterContinue reading “The Resurrection Story: The Case of the Missing Body (Part 7 of 7: The Resurrection)”

PROOF the #theresurrectionofJesusisfakenews (Read here!)

The post-fact world of evangelicalism It is astonishing people will elevate feeling something (spiritual experience) is true over knowing (science) it isn’t. Reason and facts are faith’s greatest enemy and ignorance her dearest friend. An experiences can be real even if what spawn it is not. A child’s experience of Santa Claus is genuine, powerfulContinue reading “PROOF the #theresurrectionofJesusisfakenews (Read here!)”

Once upon a time, there was a man named Jesus…

Spoiler alert: Jesus was a mere mortal man not the divine son of God Methodology The most effective method of unearthing the historical Jesus is by positing two antithetical hypotheses then making a reasonable determination of which theory is most probable. Was Jesus who the New Testament writers claim? Or was he a misguided IsraeliteContinue reading “Once upon a time, there was a man named Jesus…”

Jesus and the Easter Bunny: A tale of two tales

Easter is just around the corner, and despite a pandemic gripping the world, many spirits are lifted by the prospect of spring and the celebration of this highest Christian holiday. For many children, its religious significance is lost on the promise of chocolate Easter bunnies and painted eggs and not of heavenly bliss. As aContinue reading “Jesus and the Easter Bunny: A tale of two tales”

The original Biblical Zombie Apocalypse, for real!

If you believe the Bible, you MUST believe this rarely told story from Matthew’s gospel. It involves dead bodies coming to life and wandering the streets of Jerusalem after Jesus’ death on the cross. Don’t believe me? Read it below! 50And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up hisContinue reading “The original Biblical Zombie Apocalypse, for real!”

The Resurrection Story: The Case of the Missing Body (Part 5: The Trials)

Jesus was a victim of his own popularity. He was never more than a potential potentate, a king without a kingdom or a throne. In the end, everyone deserted him, even his God. His success as an “Last Days” or eschatological prophet during Passover generated the possibility of his messiahship. The crowd of emotionally chargedContinue reading “The Resurrection Story: The Case of the Missing Body (Part 5: The Trials)”

The Resurrection Story: The Case of the Missing Body (Part 4: The Last Supper)

Why didn’t those who wrote the detailed gospel accounts of events and teachings leading up to Jesus’ death, wait outside his tomb for his glorious ressurection? They remembered all the details after to record them, how could they forget them before and miss him rising from the dead? The Last Supper of Jesus and hisContinue reading “The Resurrection Story: The Case of the Missing Body (Part 4: The Last Supper)”